I was born in Lisbon-Portugal,
in a family of 3 boys whom I am the youngest. My father was a doctor and my mother a teacher.
I grew up in the center of Lisbon near one the biggest hospitals where my father worked back then.

I went to primary school and I did 3 more scholar years in a row until my family moved down to Madeira Island (My parents Land).

I came back to Lisbon and I majored in Civil Engineering in one of the most known Portuguese Universities (IST).
After university I waited 8 months until I was called to go to the army and I spent 8 of the worst months of my life.
I started working some time after that but always in the computer field.
About 4 years later I decided to take another degree at the same university this time in computer science.
In the meantime I had several part time jobs even in the late hours of the day which I must say it was a bit hard mainly when I had classes early in the morning.
After finishing the degree I created my own computer science school where I taught for 3 years. Back then, I also started teaching informatics at public schools in several areas from Microsoft Office applications to networking and programming.

For many years now I have been studying and developing programming by myself. Maybe it's not the best and fastest way to learn and develop in this huge world of knowledge and technology but, as I like very much, I do it with joy and without effort.
I have done some projects for others and I have many projects in mind. Hopefully I will
accomplish all of them in this lifetime :)